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Frequently asked questions about Outdoor Kitchens.

What is Polymer?

Polymer was originally designed for the marine industry. The material is a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) , is 100% waterproof and will never absorb moisture, which makes it the perfect product for outdoor kitchens. The polymer product that we use for our cabinetry is not a laminate. It is a 3/4″ solid thickness in material with the color all the way through. It will not rot, swell, crack, or delaminate. However, please note, NOT ALL POLYMER CABINETS ARE THE SAME. We’ve done a great deal of research to find the most tested and best formula out there for polymer cabinetry. The proper formula allows for the proper expansion and contraction tolerances in all of the types of weather conditions that these cabinets will face in their lifetime.

How Do You Clean the Cabinets?

They can very easily be wiped down with a sponge, can be hosed off and are even durable enough to power wash.

How Are Your Cabinets Constructed And Are They Really Waterproof?

Our cabinets are far superior to any other cabinet on the market today.  Our cabinets are held together with hardware-free interlocking joints.  Take out the drawer and see how the cabinets are held together at the corners; no hardware.  The cabinet material expands and contracts as a whole unit rather than pieces eliminating the possibility of loosening.  The material is 3/4″ in thickness on the cabinet box, drawers and shelves.  Hardware free drawer glides.

The material can be submerged in water indefinetely.  The cabinets will NOT absorb moisture or humidity over time.

Does Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets & More install all components of the outdoor kitchen?

Yes. We DO NOT sub out any of our installations, with the exception of the obvious, electrical, plumbing, and gas. We DO OUR OWN installations with an owner on every job. We pride ourselves on taking care of your outdoor kitchen needs from concept to completion. From the initial site evaluation, to the design work, and installation including any mechanicals such as electric, plumbing, and/or gas through the final completion. We are one of the ONLY outdoor kitchen companies that has a Certified Residential Contractor License. What does this mean? This means that we are licensed to remodel anything in your home that you may need to accommodate your outdoor kitchen space. This ALSO means that we can, by law, contract and coordinate your job with any other fully licensed and insured contractors that may be needed to complete your job, such as electricians, plumbers, and gas professionals. This is a very important factor when choosing a company to work in your home. PLEASE NOTE: For your reference, if any other company coordinates subcontractors for ANY job you may do in your home, they MUST, BY LAW, have a Certified Contractor’s License.

Do you offer custom cabinets?

Everything we do is custom to fit your specific layout and function needs. We can do anything you can dream up. We have a kitchen to FIT EVERY BUDGET! Check out our gallery for a sample of the jobs we’ve done.

Do you offer concrete/stucco outdoor kitchens, if that is the look I’m trying to achieve?

Yes we do. Although, we believe in the polymer cabinetry as the best option, we recognize that we all have different tastes and that a customer may really want the look of concrete/stucco for their outdoor kitchen. WE HAVE AND WILL install concrete/stucco kitchens for those customers who have the desire for that look. Please take a look at our Concrete/Stucco page.

Can one just purchase grills or other outdoor appliances?

Yes. Whether you’d just like to purchase a freestanding grill or appliance or you may already have an outdoor kitchen but are in need of a replacement grill or appliance, we can provide whatever you need. We offer a variety of appliances, components and grills as well as grilling accessories. Our Lynx & KitchenAid brand grills are a perfect size replacement for GE and DCS grills.

What kind of counter tops do you offer?

We offer porcelain tile and grout that we purchase directly from pool tile supply companies for the best outdoor durability. Tile offers the ability to do custom designing with backsplashes, and we can even try matching your pool tile. When fabricating tile tops we use a polymer based substrate that we tile over that will not absorb moisture or delaminate. We also offer many selections in granite and quartz, which has become the preferred material by many.

Do you charge more for different door styles and/or colors?

NO. ANY door design is available on any color for the same price. Also, please note that toe kicks that cover the leveling legs underneath the cabinets are included in our pricing with no extra charge.

Why Choose Us Over the Competition?

We have an extensive customer base, are very well known in the area for exceptionally designed, and installed top-quality outdoor kitchens, and we can also provide you with a customer referral list. We are a company you can trust! We are a family owned and operated business with generations of experience in home building and remodeling. Our showroom allows our customers to come in see, touch and review all of the components that make up an outdoor kitchen. We work with our customers to create a kitchen for every budget. We are also one of the ONLY Licensed Certified Residential Contractor’s in the outdoor kitchen business. By law, this allows us to remodel, contract and coordinate with other licensed insured contractors such as electricians, plumbers and gas professionals. PLEASE NOTE: Without the proper contractor’s license, other companies are NOT allowed to contract and coordinate any of these other services legally.

We are a team of experienced construction tradesmen who pride ourselves on our hands-on customer service and more importantly, meeting and exceeding our customers expectations. Our team of installers have been with us for years and they understand our high expectations for quality workmanship. Our expertise in creative design and understanding our products flexibility allows us the ability to maximize your potential space, be it large small or irregular. We believe in using only quality products and feel we have the best of the best. We truly believe this makes the difference between a long term asset and a short term liability. Our many years of experience, our extensive knowledge in the construction field, and our flawless reputation in customer satisfaction are qualities that everyone wants when hiring a contractor to work in their home. Please feel free to ask us for a customer referral list so you too can feel comfortable when choosing the best for your home.

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